My teaching goal is that students develop both a deep understanding of the fundamentals and the ability to transfer these concepts to work or research applications. I believe that active learning techniques rather than classical lectures are the way to bring students to that level.

Through TAships and mentoring, I have sought teaching experience both in high-level introductory classes as well as in specialized graduate-level classes. I also completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program at MIT.

No learning experience can be truly enriching if the learning environment is not positive. I strive to build an inclusive, welcoming, and kind learning environment that recognizes the diversity of backgrounds and mindsets of the student body.

Kaufman Teaching Certificate (2020)

Offered by the MIT Teaching + Learning Lab, The Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program offers state-of-the-art workshops to graduate students interested in developing their teaching skills.

I completed the STEM-oriented certificate, which covered course and lesson planning, evidence-based teaching methods, and establishing a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment. All the workshops required hands-on participation, allowing me to build a tropical meteorology class and teach parts of it to my classmates.

Teaching Assistantships

Tropical Meteorology (PAOC 12.811, MIT, Winter 2019)

Climate Physics and Chemistry (PAOC 12.842, MIT, Fall 2017 & 2018)

Science of Storms (ATOC 184, McGill, Winter 2016)

Natural Disasters (ATOC 185, McGill, Fall 2015)

Mentoring & Outreach

EAPS Application Mentorship program, Mentor, 2020

This mentorship program pairs up underrepresented minority applicants with a mentor who helps them navigate the admission process at MIT.

EAPS Mentorship Program, Mentor, 2018 to 2020

This mentorship program provides young graduate students in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science with senior graduate student mentors to obtain advice on course selection, departmental activities, and any other aspect of grad student life.

Climate Gamers Live Stream, Invitee, 2019

Climate Gamers is a group of scientists that share a passion for video games and climate. They were kind enough to invite me to a live stream on hurricanes and climate.

Promoting Atmospheric sciences to students of Québec, 2015

I gave presentations in my former college to promote the Atmospheric sciences to future university applicants.